Euro crisis helps India to speed up FDI in retail

subscriber | 17 November, 2011

Post-state elections:

Hereditary democracy under fire in India's media

subscriber | 18 May, 2011

Bottled milk makes comeback in Mumbai

subscriber | 18 May, 2011

India's tax man turns attention to FDI deals

subscriber | 17 May, 2011


'Clean stoves' would save lives, cut pollution

subscriber | 09 May, 2011

India's jet fighter shortlist:

And the (surprise) winner is.......EUROPE!

subscriber | 29 April, 2011

FDI's and corruption-1:

Telenor in delicate balancing act as it distances itself from 2D scam

subscriber | 25 April, 2011

Uninor sponsored rickshaw cyclist, Taj Mahal, Agra © A-SCAN Media AB 2011

Wikileaks India cables:

How US set the scene to (attempt to) win India's jet fighter deal

subscriber | 21 April, 2011

Aditiya Birla acquires Domsjö to gain access to technology - $ 340 m

subscriber | 20 April, 2011

India increases quota for Foreign Sovereign Funds

subscriber | 20 April, 2011

Good or bad?

India's population up by 181 million in 10 years

subscriber | 01 April, 2011

CBI's corruption file:

How the Raja corruption affair affects foreign players

subscriber | 30 March, 2011


Volvo's relation with Eicher in India - a lasting marriage?

subscriber | 20 November, 2010

Low cost call carrier Rebtel doubles sales in India

subscriber | 17 November, 2010


Nomura downgrades ABB India

subscriber | 05 October, 2010

Ericsson's contract with Sistema in India tells a political story

subscriber | 21 September, 2010

Investment news:

Indian phone manufacturers cause massive headache for global brands

subscriber | 21 September, 2010

Indian mobile phone manufacturers are looking at foreign investors to raise fresh funds. The likes of Micromax, Karbonn och Spice have gone from 0.2 % to about 25 % market share in the home market in two years. This has dramatic consequences for international, brand heavy phones, in particular for Nokia but also Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Mikael Ohlsson, IKEA CEO:

"Our only large investment in India is in children and women"

open | 21 September, 2010

IKEA 's Mikael Ohlsson says the company will set up stores in India when allowed to but is not in a hurry. In the meantime IKEA invests €120 m, matching UK Government aid agency DFID, to improve conditions for children and mothers through Unicef, Save the Children and UNDP.

Investment monitor:

Telenor starts India TV ad campaign amid shareholder worries venture too costly

subscriber | 14 September, 2010